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A one day colloquium focusing on issues surrounding the marriage between electroacoustics and the performing and media arts. Topics may include interdisciplinary collaboration, artistic and technological innovation, comprovisation, audience interactivity, human-machine interface, aural and visual perception, laptop orchestras/ensembles, stage techniques, related education and pedagogy, social and cultural contexts, and others.This one-day colloquium will consist of invited keynote speech and concert performance, several paper sessions selected from submissions by a committee and one roundtable discussion chaired by a colloquium participant. An evening concert will include invited and selected live/interactive electroacoustic performances by colloquium participants, invited artists, Hexagram members, and Concordia students and faculty.

This colloquium focuses on the challenges of innovative interdisciplinary creation and presentation with new technology. Live and interactive electroacoustics is by nature a much broader interdisciplinary creative practice than acousmatics – the more traditional electroacoustic presentation and composition format. Live presentation of (the technology-dependent) electroacoustics demands performance, presentation, and interface-related considerations, including human-machine interface, connection between gesture and sound, connection between sound and image, and audience perception thereof, among others. These considerations are interdisciplinary by nature and depend on research in the performing, media and computation arts, as well as perception studies.

The goals of this event are (1) to create an opportunity for artists and scholars involved with live and interactive electroacoustics to share and discuss artistic, aesthetic, perceptual, technological, educational, and social/cultural themes relevant to this up-and-coming field of practice, (2) to welcome interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation, and cross-fertilization among creators, researchers, and educators involved in live and interactive electroacoustics and other fields, including computation arts, media arts, studio arts, instrumental music, dance, theatre, film, and more, and (3) to showcase Hexagram and Concordia’s electroacoustics (EaSt).



CLIEC 2011 - Saturday, March 26th 2011
Concordia University - Montreal, Canada