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Isabella Stefanescu, Klaus Engel, and Miles Thorogood - EUPHONOPEN: An Instrument for the Performance of Drawings

What does a drawing sound like?

The Euphonopen was created to generate sound for the performance of drawings. Using a Wacom tablet we analyzed drawings stroke by stroke and digitized the gestures of a person drawing to produce several differential and integral parameters that can be used for the production of sound. Working with composers Nicholas Storring and Ian Crutchely we devised an exploratory set of drawing performances. The sound of drawing is a work in progress.

This paper will describe research to date, including our use of artificial neural networks to translate drawing gestures into musical gestures, based on the interpretation of drawings as graphic scores by a number of instrumentalists and singers.



CLIEC 2011 - Saturday, March 26th 2011
Concordia University - Montreal, Canada